Once upon the time​.​.​.

by ReFreezed

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An epic tale about a man?


Once upon the time
before the time even existed
there was a man,
who was not a man,
with ears
bigger than, well, everything.

Inside his left ear
lived a tiny blue creature
(named Carl, btw)
that just couldn't stop talking
into the ear.

But one day
the man,
who was not a man,
got tired of the creature
and threw it away
straight past the horizon.

From that day on
everything was silent
and because of this
the ears shrunk and shrunk
until they almost vanished.


as the ears shrunk
so did the rest of the man
and soon he found himself
sitting all alone
in the middle of nowhere.


released March 7, 2010
by Marcus 'ReFreezed' Thunström



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